Converse shoes.
Converse  is an American shoe company that has been making shoes, lifestyle fashion and athletic apparel since the early 20th century.
There's like loads of different types of shoes with the brand converse. Like Converse pumps, High tops, Heels, Pants!, Shoes, Bags and loads more!
Now these are just weird. I mean what shape are they? What specific but basic colour are they? And lastly who would wear these? And don't answer Lady gaga because she's the one who wore meat on her body! Yuck! 
Wow! Shoes made out of metal is pretty impressive! Could you wear these? Apparently these shoes are worth over $35,000! Would you pay that much for a pair of metal shoes?

These amazing red shoes are definitely in for the 2012 summer fashion trends!
In this case, the colour in question is a bright, patent red, with the heel and platform in a multicolour cork, which has a marbled effect. Personally, I’d like them better with a block colour on the heel (or just plain cork), but the look is certainly summery, which always gets the thumbs up from me.

These shoes are so classy! You could where them at a party, Maybe even on a ship!
Now, this is yet another variation on the bow-front shoe, true. It’s quite an unusual bow, though:

see these around very often though: These ones are by Mellow Yellow, and are attached to a classic, bow Polka dotted heels are so popular these days! You don't ronted, d’orsay cut peep toe with a wooden heel. They come in bright red and pale blue, and I'm seriously struggling to decide which one I like best: the red has that pin-up girl appeal to it, but then, 
the blue just screams Easter to me.

This shade is a really great shade for elegance. They look like Marilyn Monroe shoes to be honest!

These are £70 at River Island.

These shoes are Dolce and Gabbana. They are beautifully covered in great diamanté and have a lovely shade of purple/pink. The bow on the front adds that extra feeling of girly!

These shoes are very big and bold. They have a dark shade of purple and a lovely purple and black flower to go with them. The heel is super shiny and delicate.

These shoes are a gorgeous shade of red and are a fiery red colour. The colour red will go great for summer as these shoes are well on trend! Fierce!

Wow! These are covered in silver diamantés and have a little bow to tie them up. These are definitely on my fashion list!  

These are the popular bordello shoes everybody goes crazy for! They are black and white so they could go with nearly everything!

These are absolutely gorgeous for the summer! They have a lovely touch to them that makes them amazing!

These are absolutely brilliant wedges. They are black and patent which is great! Patent is fabulous because it adds an extra shine to the shoe!

Wow! These are shoes with spikes on. The spikes add so much emphasis to the shoe and the bow makes them approachable! So cute.

Nude shoes. You can never go wrong with nude shoes they are fab.

Wow! these shoes are covered in rhinestones! How amazing These shoes cost up to $600.

Ahh! These are the most glittery shoes ever! They are phenomenal. 

So nice and basic. Every girl needs a nice, plain pair of black shoes x