Friday, 16 March 2012

Donna Karan – the American Chanel

What makes so many people – journalists, writers, fashion experts and analysts to title Dona Karan as “the first lady of American fashion,” “Queen of Seventh Avenue”, “Cinderella in New York”? What is behind the eternal smile on this bright and energetic designer?

There is nothing more natural for Donna Karan than to satrt a career of a designer, being born and educated in a family of tailors. She studied at , “Parsons” – a famous design school. She was still a schoolgirl when she had been approved to draw sketches for the famous American designer Anne Klein. Later the young Karen became her assistant, and after her death Donna Karen became chief designer of the fashion house. Between 1974 and 1986 she was both designer and director of “Anne Klein” with Luis Del ‘Olio.
In 1985 she founded her own brand DKNY – “Donna Karan New York”. Nowadays DKNY had lines for women collections, beach and knitted garments, bridal collections, men’s clothing and cosmetics, lingerie, perfumes. As Chanel, Karan is world famous for its perfumes and various other aromatic liquids. Modernity, accessibility, diversity and freshness are among the values of its perfumery art. The newest “scream” in this respect is DKNY Women Energizing, launched in February 2011.

The aesthetic and creative concept of Donna Karen is in the simple sentence: “The aim is to highlight the beautiful and to hide everything ugly”. But this is not just impressive phrase. She continually strives to alleviate most modern woman in her care for cosmetic reasons and in its aspirations to find easy and practical clothings for work and for daily activities. She thinks that the time the woman must have three outfits – for morning, lunch and dinner, have already past. The dynamics of life suggests another approach: seeking and finding practical luxury and comfortable elegance.
Karan’s way of thinking is evident not only in her work, but in her way of living, influenced by the Eastern philosophy and meditation. It is considered that precisely this mentality stays in the background of the simple and functional style of her models and fragances. The famous American designer has her advices to modern men as well. Sign of high professionalism and its recommendations and advice it gives modern men, reducing them to seven types of nevesary clothing: nice jacket and pants, white shirt, tie, quality cashmere sweater and jeans, as well as leather accessories.

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