Friday, 16 March 2012

Necklaces – Essential Fashion Pieces

Necklaces have been a classic way to improve our appearance and probably any woman has one in her jewelry box. There is not simpler way to enhance your appearance than just using a beautiful necklace. The classic description of a necklace is a piece of decoration that you wear along your neck; there are many types of necklace and also numerous designs that you can choose from. Here are some of the most famous types:
A princess necklace is a type of necklace that is approximately 45 cm long and it rests at the cleavage. This is probably the most common design and how most necklaces are made.

A matinee necklace is usually about 56 cm and it goes at the top of the cleavage. This type of necklace is obviously longer than a princess necklace and also a very common type of design.

An opera necklace is a long design that is about 75 cm and it usually goes to the breastbone. Most common styles are beaded necklaces that can be worn with absolutely anything. It also comes in a longer version called a rope.

The chocker is one of the tight designs of necklaces and it usually sits high on the neck. Chockers are great to attract attention to the neck and help the wearer focus people from other parts of their body. It is very common in the punk-rock subculture often accompanied by chains and studs.

When choosing a necklace it is very important to take into consideration your body shape and how your neck looks. If you have a short or a thick neck, a chocker is definitely not the solution, and you should go for necklaces that rest a little bit lower.
There are many types of necklaces: metal, beads, chain, leather, etc. you should choose one according to what you wear. Always make sure that you go for something simpler and more subtle if you want to look elegant and choose whatever you want if you simply want to make a fashion statement.
Necklaces are a great way to improve your appearance without having to change your clothes, which makes them some of the perfect fashion items.

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