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Stardoll Fashion website!

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So You Want To Be an Accessorizing Diva?

Well if this is the status you want to achieve; then follow these few easy steps to being the Queen of Accessories.
If you are like many women you have had one of those days when you look into your closet and can’t find a thing to wear. You stare blindly hoping that the ultimate outfit will jump right out at you. When you actually do find an outfit it just doesn’t look fashionable if this sounds like you then you need to learn about the art of accessorizing.
Accessories can be utilized to dress you up or dress you down; add pizzazz or give an outfit a totally fresh and new look.
Accessories can make even the most mundane outfits look up to date and in tune to the latest fashion trend. If you don’t have a large budget that allows you to go out and completely revamp your existing wardrobe; then buying a few accessories here and there will help you tremendously.

Whether it is a belt, handbag, boots, or jewelry there are so many options available out there that, from replicas to the genuine articles that can help you pull off the latest fashion trends.
All you need to do is get online and look at the internet and find out what is hot and what is not when it comes to accessories, or read articles such as this one and take your knowledge with you when you go out looking for the perfect items that can update your fashion style.
And then when you look in the mirror you will see not only a fashion plate, but an accessorizing diva and you will also be smart considering that you didn’t break the bank and everyone will think how smart you are.

Donna Karan – the American Chanel

What makes so many people – journalists, writers, fashion experts and analysts to title Dona Karan as “the first lady of American fashion,” “Queen of Seventh Avenue”, “Cinderella in New York”? What is behind the eternal smile on this bright and energetic designer?

There is nothing more natural for Donna Karan than to satrt a career of a designer, being born and educated in a family of tailors. She studied at , “Parsons” – a famous design school. She was still a schoolgirl when she had been approved to draw sketches for the famous American designer Anne Klein. Later the young Karen became her assistant, and after her death Donna Karen became chief designer of the fashion house. Between 1974 and 1986 she was both designer and director of “Anne Klein” with Luis Del ‘Olio.
In 1985 she founded her own brand DKNY – “Donna Karan New York”. Nowadays DKNY had lines for women collections, beach and knitted garments, bridal collections, men’s clothing and cosmetics, lingerie, perfumes. As Chanel, Karan is world famous for its perfumes and various other aromatic liquids. Modernity, accessibility, diversity and freshness are among the values of its perfumery art. The newest “scream” in this respect is DKNY Women Energizing, launched in February 2011.

The aesthetic and creative concept of Donna Karen is in the simple sentence: “The aim is to highlight the beautiful and to hide everything ugly”. But this is not just impressive phrase. She continually strives to alleviate most modern woman in her care for cosmetic reasons and in its aspirations to find easy and practical clothings for work and for daily activities. She thinks that the time the woman must have three outfits – for morning, lunch and dinner, have already past. The dynamics of life suggests another approach: seeking and finding practical luxury and comfortable elegance.
Karan’s way of thinking is evident not only in her work, but in her way of living, influenced by the Eastern philosophy and meditation. It is considered that precisely this mentality stays in the background of the simple and functional style of her models and fragances. The famous American designer has her advices to modern men as well. Sign of high professionalism and its recommendations and advice it gives modern men, reducing them to seven types of nevesary clothing: nice jacket and pants, white shirt, tie, quality cashmere sweater and jeans, as well as leather accessories.

Dramatic Make-up

If you want to achieve a dramatic look and also be in trends, check out the next part of this article for tips to do your makeup .
 Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone; to do that you will need to apply it on your collar bone when you buy it and if it matches that color, it’s perfect for you. Make sure that your skin looks great, because this year it’s all about healthy looking skin. Use less foundation that you usually do and let your real color shine.
 What’s best for a dramatic look than some smokey eyes and nude lips? Violet and dark blue are some colors that you probably never thought about turning into smokey eyes. You can choose lavender, purple and a bit of white to achieve that beautiful style. For brown eyes, blue smokey eyes look absolutely stunning, but if you have blue eyes you will definitely love that bronze smokey eye that everybody is talking about even this summer. If you must use black eyeliner make sure that you do small strokes and you blend it really well with your other colors. You just want the gradient effect, you really shouldn’t think about lining your eyes with harsh black eyeliner. Use your smudge brush to create that beautiful look.

 If you have a nice tan from this summer, using a bronzer is a great idea. You can also use a caramel lipstick and a great matte eye shadow for your eyes. Another great idea would be using a cream eyeshadow which will definitely give a nice fresh look. Choose brownish colors like pecan or a dark orange to give a really nice effect that goes really well with tanned skin. Don’t be upset if you don’t have a tanned face, just use some light bronzer and you will achieve the same effect.
 You can line your eyes with liquid eyeliner too, to achieve beautiful dramatic eyes but make sure that you choose other colors than black. Don’t forget that this autumn everything is about sparkling so get some diamond dust and apply it on your eyelids if you are planning to go to a party.

Beaded Necklace – Must Have Fashion Item

There are many types of jewelries out there, but probably some of the most common are beaded jewelries. They are easy to make and they usually cost very little. However, those are not the biggest advantages; the biggest advantage of owning one is that you can wear it with anything you want. A beaded necklace looks well with an elegant dress or with a pair of jeans, so that’s why it is so important to have one.

Beaded necklaces have been around for a very long time and they are probably some of the easiest ways to make and wear jewelry. What’s great is that you can even make one yourself if you don’t find what you want or you need an inexpensive alternative. Just buy some beads and some nylon string and you are set.
If you buy a really long one you can make a knot in different patterns to make your look more interesting. There are so many ways you can do this, it all depends on what you are wearing. Another great thing is that you can match the beaded necklace with any other type of jewelry, making it probably one of the most versatile fashion items. When it comes to colors, fortunately you can choose any colors you want and any type of combination of beads: rectangle beads, round beads, oval beads, etc. For an amazing choice you can go for a glass beaded necklace or a Murano glass beaded necklace style. Those are absolutely beautiful and will work well with an exquisite outfit. However, your beaded necklace doesn’t have to be expensive and there are many inexpensive but durable materials out there. Ceramic or wood are two trendy choices and they will cost you next to nothing, just make sure that you take care of them and store them in proper conditions.

The Wrap Dress – Timeless Feminine

If you could think about one dress that would flatter your silhouette no matter what, that would be the wrap dress. This dress is so beautiful and it works so well with any type of body that you can’t miss having it in your wardrobe. The name of this dress comes from its shape. It is practically formed by wrapping one side of it over the other in a V shape neckline. They can be sewn or not, it depends on the designer. These dresses have been popular since the 70’s and since then they became a major fashion trend every year. Another interesting fact about this type of dress is that they symbolize women’s liberty so they are also a fashion statement.

This is the perfect dress style for the curvy woman, it enhances her figure and it makes her more feminine. Women who have narrow hips and want to look more feminine can wear this dress too because it gives a more hour glass shape to the body. It will also look amazing on women who have big breasts as it can balance the body proportions.
Its comfortable shape makes it a great everyday dress that you can wear with flats and an oversized bag. These dresses come with a lot of patterns and colors so you can combine it with everything you want. You can create a trendy style by wearing a very short wrapped dress over your jeans. Another way to wear this dress is the classic way: combining it with heels, elegant jewelry and a small bag. Whether you are choosing it for a day at the office, a hot date or just a casual stroll through the park, the wrap dress will never let you down and will always look fabulous no matter what type of body you have.

Everyday Socks – Your Useful Fashion Item

Your everyday socks can seem to be like mundane and boring items, but they are definitely more important than you think. So what are socks? They can be described as item of clothing that people wear on their feet and help absorb sweat or keep them warm. Actually socks existed from early history and they were even worn by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Besides their practical role, socks also have a very decorative purpose. Actually, a lot of fashion trends involve different types of and colors of socks that can be worn with certain items.
Nowadays, socks are still important because they make us feel comfortable but we shouldn’t forget that they will often be worn more as a decorative item.
The style of socks differ in length, and this means that there is a type called bare socks, which look like the leg is naked when worn with shoes or an ankle model that is seen when worn shoes because it goes up to the ankle. The ankle model is the classic socks model and the most popular. Another type of socks, called over the knee socks was very popular in the past, as it was worn by both girls and boys. Nowadays, few boys still wear over the knee socks, and that is usually while playing sports; however, they are still popular among females of all ages because they can still be worn easily with skirts in a really trendy manner, especially if they are very colorful or have an interesting pattern. Leg warmers are also like socks but meant to be worn during winter and are made from materials that will keep the leg warm and absorb any humidity.
There are also toe socks, which basically have individual fingers and look more like a glove than socks. They are very comfortable and give your leg a lot of moving space, but their main purpose is to be worn with flip-flops or sandals.
Socks are interesting fashion items, especially if you know how to choose and combine them according to your outfit and you can never get bored with the big variety of models out there.

Fashion Items With A Touch Of Animal Print

While fashion may be constantly changing, it seems that animal prints are staying strong for some time now and this is why every woman should have at least three or four fashion items with such designs.
A good advice here is to not use too many prints for an outfit because you might end up looking like you killed a few animals in the wild and took their skin for protection. Some jackets have animal prints on the inside and this makes them very subtle; you can choose not to show it by closing the jacket or you can leave it dancing in the wind and show your style. Fashion items with some touches of animal print are available from the biggest fashion designers in the world so they must be doing something right and there is always a demand for them. Some would even say that animal prints will never go out of fashion.
If you are worried about the animals you can relax because nowadays, most designers don’t use real leather or furs for their clothes. Everything is made to look like the real deal without actually hurting any animal.

Necklaces – Essential Fashion Pieces

Necklaces have been a classic way to improve our appearance and probably any woman has one in her jewelry box. There is not simpler way to enhance your appearance than just using a beautiful necklace. The classic description of a necklace is a piece of decoration that you wear along your neck; there are many types of necklace and also numerous designs that you can choose from. Here are some of the most famous types:
A princess necklace is a type of necklace that is approximately 45 cm long and it rests at the cleavage. This is probably the most common design and how most necklaces are made.

A matinee necklace is usually about 56 cm and it goes at the top of the cleavage. This type of necklace is obviously longer than a princess necklace and also a very common type of design.

An opera necklace is a long design that is about 75 cm and it usually goes to the breastbone. Most common styles are beaded necklaces that can be worn with absolutely anything. It also comes in a longer version called a rope.

The chocker is one of the tight designs of necklaces and it usually sits high on the neck. Chockers are great to attract attention to the neck and help the wearer focus people from other parts of their body. It is very common in the punk-rock subculture often accompanied by chains and studs.

When choosing a necklace it is very important to take into consideration your body shape and how your neck looks. If you have a short or a thick neck, a chocker is definitely not the solution, and you should go for necklaces that rest a little bit lower.
There are many types of necklaces: metal, beads, chain, leather, etc. you should choose one according to what you wear. Always make sure that you go for something simpler and more subtle if you want to look elegant and choose whatever you want if you simply want to make a fashion statement.
Necklaces are a great way to improve your appearance without having to change your clothes, which makes them some of the perfect fashion items.

German fashion designer makes dresses out of milk!

A designer from Germany is making high fashion clothes using something you'd normally find in your fridge... milk!
Anke Domaske has created a special fabric called QMilch, and it's the first ever man-made fibre produced with no chemicals.
Anke says: "It feels like silk and it doesn't smell — you can wash it just like anything else."
She also reckons the fabric is healthy, helping your blood circulation.
It takes about six litres of milk to make an entire dress, but luckily they don't have a 'best before' date attached.
Each dress costs about £150, and celebs like Ashlee Simpson are big fans.

How does she make it?

Anke extracts a protein called casein from dried milk powder. Then she heats it up in a type of meat-mincing machine with other natural ingredients.
The fibre comes out of the machine in strands, and is then spun into yarn on a spinning machine.
Click for le

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Fashion Discount: Get 20% Off Miss Sixty At New Look

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Fashion Discount Alert: Get Up To 50% Off At Oasis

Before you do anything else today, make sure you visit Oasis online to check out their incredible spring sale – with up to 50% off! The high street fashion hotspot has lots of glam clothes, shoes and accessories on offer. We'll be bagging this cute pink spotty bow top. It’s the perfect day-to-night top – just add a pencil skirt and a pair of stilettos. Plus, for three days only, all delivery options are half price. Happy shopping!

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

The New York Spring 2012 verdict is in. Sporty and sportswear are here to stay, but in a much more understated way thanks to sorbet colours and louche, low-key silhouettes. Don't discard your floral fantasies just yet, this season the trend continues with a high-octane dose of flower power, plus an equally amped-up version of color blocking, or shall we say lessons in geometry. New to the sartorial mix? A sort of '20s elegance that would have Daisy Buchanan planning her pre-orders and tribal references that are decidedly urbane in their execution. 

Flower Power

Proenza Schouler added a dose of tropic thunder to their punchy florals with vivid island colors of yellow and aqua blue.

Vogue Festival 2012

 Vogueeditor Alexandra Shulman and Perry Oosting, chief executive of sponsors Vertu, are hosting an exclusive Vogue Festival party for 250 specially-invited guests on the evening of Friday April 20. The evening will begin with a live debate with a panel including internet mogul Natalie Massenet, designer Erdem Moralioglu and fashion illustrator David Downton, who will be discussing whether technology shapes desire or desire shapes technology. The debate, chaired by Shulman, will be followed by a cocktail party that will round off the first day of the inaugural Vogue Festival in true celebratory style.

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Cameron Diaz keeps it chic in Switzerland

Cameron Diaz hit the Swiss red carpet this week to promote trés expensive watch brand Tag Heuer at Baselworld jewellery fair. The actress looked super-chic in a little black dress, peep-toes and of course a chunky Tag watch. Either Cameron wanted to keep things simple after her fairytale gown at the Oscars or Tag Heuer insisted she stuck to an LBD so as not to detract attention from the watch, but to be fair, the girl looks hot and if we'd been paid millions of dollars to be the face of a watch brand, we'd wear a bin liner if they asked us to!

Swedish fashion label hits London!

It was store launches galore last night! As Topshop opened the doors to its new Las Vegas high street fashion shop, here in the UK the coolest Brit gals headed to London’s Carnaby Street for the grand opening of Swedish fashion brand Monki’s first UK store. Sister brand to Cheap Monday and owned by H&M, it’s quickly become our go-to label for offbeat, purse-friendly buys – and this season we can’t get enough of their floral shirts.
It appears the celebs love Monki too, with Zara Martin, Vanessa White, Laura Whitmore and Amber Atherton hitting the bash last night. Girl of the moment Zara worked a preppy cool look in a polka-dot blouse, skinnies and a pea coat, which she glammed up with some towering Office platforms.Made In Chelsea starlet Amber nailed spring pastels in double powder blue and some envy-inducing lilac Chanel arm candy, while MTV presenter Laura Whitmore went bold in a red heart-print jumper.  
As the A-list browsed the offerings in the kooky store, complete with neon lights, merry-go-round displays and wacky balloons, über-cool Swedish duo Icona Pop kept everyone entertained before DJ ‘It’ girls Yasmin, Zara and Margot Bowman took to the decks. That’s another retail hotspot added to our hit list, but don’t worry if you don’t live in London, you can get your hands on Monki’s goodies at

Celebrity Fashion trend: Pastel jeans

Spring is officially on its way, hurrah! Spring-like pastels are a big trend for this season and we are loving how these pretty hues are so easy to wear. Rock a pastel pair of denims a la Kristin Cavallari and Caroline Sieber. We love how Caroline Sieber has teamed her pale blue jeans with girlie pointed Louis Vuitton courts, we have serious shoe envy! Meanwhile, Kristin works chic off-duty dressing in a lilac pair with a fine stripe top – she's got maternity wear nailed! We know what we'll be wearing this weekend!

Hamnett and H&M's charity T-Shirts

Katharine Hamnett’s bold slogan tees made her an ’80s icon, and now they’re back on the fashion front line at H&M. Katharine has teamed up with the high-street fashion brand tocreate a limited-edition T-shirt for Climate Week (12-18 March). Modelled by celebs Zara Martin, Sunday Girl,Roisin Murphy and Brit indie band The Vaccines, the timeless tees – which also happen to be low-carbon and are made from 100% organic cotton – bear the slogan ‘Save The Future’ and cost just £9.99. With 25% of profits going to the Environmental Justice Foundation’s climate refugees campaign, celeb approval and a designer name tag, we couldn’t think of a more covetable way to score some charitable brownie points. Get yours at H&M from 12 March 2012.

Best dressed Celebs

This week, the fash pack hit Paris Fashion Weekin spectacular style – Sarah Jessica Parkerrocked winter white in a vintage Louis Vuittondress from the SS05 fashion collection, Olivia Palermo was looking her usual effortlessly glam self in a selection of fab dresses and Kristen Stewart made an appearance in head-to-toe Balenciaga.
Over in London, Kate Middleton was flying the British style flag, working another high street fashion bargain, as she kicked off the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour in a chic teal suit from LK Bennett. This is one lady with a serious high street fetish!

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams at the Golden Globes

Michelle Williams is always one of our favourite stars to watch on the red carpet because she rarely plays it safe. That was certainly the case at this year’s Golden Globes, when she opted for this slinky flock gown by new US designer Jason Wu, accessorised with a gem-encrusted headband to add a touch of 20s flair.

Retro Glamour lips

Step 1
LIP PREP: To ensure your lips are in tip top condition, exfoliate gently with a toothbrush and apply lip balm before bed. Prepare the lips with a dusting of your favourite make-up base or foundation. Next, using the nude lip liner, start at the cupid’s bow and fill in lips.

Step 2
LIP COLOUR: For a professional finish use the lip brush to apply Red Cork across the lips, blot with a tissue and reapply for a long-lasting finish.

Step 3
EYES: Keep the feline eye line quite skinny and use Shadowline, (from Frontcover's A Billion Stars Kit) swirled on a dark eyeshadow pigment to draw the line above your upper lashes. As you reach the outer edge, angle the line upwards toward the end of your brow, drawing back down to the outer corner of the eye, creating a small triangle – fill this in.

Trend To Delete: One-Print Wonders

The Look: Once upon a time – well, last spring – celebs and stylistas alike preferred to stick to one-print outfits in a less-is-more spirit.

Seen At? Marc Jacobs autumn/winter 2011
Trend To Delete: Punky Tees

The Look: The world and its poodle loves a punky T-shirt. From Alexa Chung to all in towers, we dug out vintage rock tops and achingly cool, love-worn Ts in 2011. We’ll be retiring them to the middle section of our wardrobes for now to let them rest.

Seen On? Jessie J and half of the Western world

Spring Summer 2012 fashion trends

Trend To Delete: Orange

The Look: From twists of tangerine accessories to fiery, burnt orange colours, this hue has been hitherto unapologetically at the top of many stars’ style agendas.

Seen At? Burberry autumn/winter 2011

Who wore this outfit better?

Who wore this topshop dress better?

Alesha Dixon

or Poppy Delevingne

Best dressed

So who looks better in Alexander Mcqueen? Who wore it best?

Lucy Liu or Amber Heard

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