Friday, 16 March 2012

The Wrap Dress – Timeless Feminine

If you could think about one dress that would flatter your silhouette no matter what, that would be the wrap dress. This dress is so beautiful and it works so well with any type of body that you can’t miss having it in your wardrobe. The name of this dress comes from its shape. It is practically formed by wrapping one side of it over the other in a V shape neckline. They can be sewn or not, it depends on the designer. These dresses have been popular since the 70’s and since then they became a major fashion trend every year. Another interesting fact about this type of dress is that they symbolize women’s liberty so they are also a fashion statement.

This is the perfect dress style for the curvy woman, it enhances her figure and it makes her more feminine. Women who have narrow hips and want to look more feminine can wear this dress too because it gives a more hour glass shape to the body. It will also look amazing on women who have big breasts as it can balance the body proportions.
Its comfortable shape makes it a great everyday dress that you can wear with flats and an oversized bag. These dresses come with a lot of patterns and colors so you can combine it with everything you want. You can create a trendy style by wearing a very short wrapped dress over your jeans. Another way to wear this dress is the classic way: combining it with heels, elegant jewelry and a small bag. Whether you are choosing it for a day at the office, a hot date or just a casual stroll through the park, the wrap dress will never let you down and will always look fabulous no matter what type of body you have.

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