Friday, 16 March 2012

Dramatic Make-up

If you want to achieve a dramatic look and also be in trends, check out the next part of this article for tips to do your makeup .
 Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone; to do that you will need to apply it on your collar bone when you buy it and if it matches that color, it’s perfect for you. Make sure that your skin looks great, because this year it’s all about healthy looking skin. Use less foundation that you usually do and let your real color shine.
 What’s best for a dramatic look than some smokey eyes and nude lips? Violet and dark blue are some colors that you probably never thought about turning into smokey eyes. You can choose lavender, purple and a bit of white to achieve that beautiful style. For brown eyes, blue smokey eyes look absolutely stunning, but if you have blue eyes you will definitely love that bronze smokey eye that everybody is talking about even this summer. If you must use black eyeliner make sure that you do small strokes and you blend it really well with your other colors. You just want the gradient effect, you really shouldn’t think about lining your eyes with harsh black eyeliner. Use your smudge brush to create that beautiful look.

 If you have a nice tan from this summer, using a bronzer is a great idea. You can also use a caramel lipstick and a great matte eye shadow for your eyes. Another great idea would be using a cream eyeshadow which will definitely give a nice fresh look. Choose brownish colors like pecan or a dark orange to give a really nice effect that goes really well with tanned skin. Don’t be upset if you don’t have a tanned face, just use some light bronzer and you will achieve the same effect.
 You can line your eyes with liquid eyeliner too, to achieve beautiful dramatic eyes but make sure that you choose other colors than black. Don’t forget that this autumn everything is about sparkling so get some diamond dust and apply it on your eyelids if you are planning to go to a party.

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