Friday, 16 March 2012

Everyday Socks – Your Useful Fashion Item

Your everyday socks can seem to be like mundane and boring items, but they are definitely more important than you think. So what are socks? They can be described as item of clothing that people wear on their feet and help absorb sweat or keep them warm. Actually socks existed from early history and they were even worn by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Besides their practical role, socks also have a very decorative purpose. Actually, a lot of fashion trends involve different types of and colors of socks that can be worn with certain items.
Nowadays, socks are still important because they make us feel comfortable but we shouldn’t forget that they will often be worn more as a decorative item.
The style of socks differ in length, and this means that there is a type called bare socks, which look like the leg is naked when worn with shoes or an ankle model that is seen when worn shoes because it goes up to the ankle. The ankle model is the classic socks model and the most popular. Another type of socks, called over the knee socks was very popular in the past, as it was worn by both girls and boys. Nowadays, few boys still wear over the knee socks, and that is usually while playing sports; however, they are still popular among females of all ages because they can still be worn easily with skirts in a really trendy manner, especially if they are very colorful or have an interesting pattern. Leg warmers are also like socks but meant to be worn during winter and are made from materials that will keep the leg warm and absorb any humidity.
There are also toe socks, which basically have individual fingers and look more like a glove than socks. They are very comfortable and give your leg a lot of moving space, but their main purpose is to be worn with flip-flops or sandals.
Socks are interesting fashion items, especially if you know how to choose and combine them according to your outfit and you can never get bored with the big variety of models out there.

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